Eial Diskin
Eial Diskin has 25 years experience in the Software and High Tech business arena. Eial graduated from the Israeli army computer school Mamram, has a BA in computers from Bar Ilan University in Tel Aviv, and an MBA from Northwestern University in Evanston Chicago (Kellogg Graduate School of Management) together with the Recanatti Graduate School of Business at Tel Aviv University. Eial served as a Major in the Navy for 8 years as a software developer and system analyst, and was in charge of the technical evaluation of all hardware and software purchases by the navy. Eial worked for 10 years as a senior developer and a development manager and director in New Dimension Software, a start up company that was purchased for $700M. Among other responsibilities, Eial lead the development and release of the main suite of products, with annual sales above $50M. Eial then worked for 7 years for BMC Software as a development, customer services, marketing, and business development director. Eial formed IBDC Israel in 2006, and serves as Senior Analyst for JH Darbie & Company, a Wall Street investment banking firm. Eial has analyzed many early stage private, as well as public companies and was involved in successful raises and business development initiatives. Eial specializes in high tech and scientific companies with expertise in Management Software, Security, Data Bases, Storage and Communication.

Robert Levitz
Robert Levitz holds a BA from Yeshiva University and an MBA from Northwestern University in Evanston Chicago (Kellogg Graduate School of Management) together with the Recanatti Graduate School of Business at Tel Aviv University. Robert has an extensive background in the service industry, having founded and managed several service based operations in the white goods household product segment. Additionally, he has functioned as the CEO of an international distribution operation, holding the Middle East exclusive from the largest US based white goods parts distributor. His many years of entrepreneurial experience include managing multiple service related ventures, including the development of a unique method for remote monitoring of RAC systems, peer to peer back-up technologies, and internet payment systems. Robert previously functioned as analyst at Next Level Capital, Inc., and formed IBDC Israel in 2006. He is currently the Director of International Business Development at JH Darbie and Company, a Wall Street Investment Banking Firm.

Len Gordon
VP of Marketing
Len studied Economics and Industrial Psychology at the University of South Africa. Through extensive networking within diverse international settings, Len has developed a strategic base from which he gains access to proprietary products and services. As an international marketing consultant he heads the IBDC Israel marketing division, establishing its regional presence across the globe.

Dani Rakoff
VP of Sales
Doni’s diverse entrepreneurial experience adds a street-smart element to the IBDC Israel team. Following several years in wholesale distribution he found Cape Ventures Ltd. in 1994, a company he managed until relocating to Israel in 2001. Capitalizing on a global strategic network, Doni converged on the financial sector, working with Novation Capital, the Wall Street Journal Europe, and most recently Wextrust Securities. He holds specific proficiency in the areas of mining, real estate, and high growth products.

Amit Tal
Environmental Project Management
Amit Tal is a graduate of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem with a B.Sc. in Biology and a M.Sc. (cum laude) in Environmental Science.
He is the owner and manager of Amphibio - Environmental Quality & Water Resources, a leading environmental consulting firm in Israel, which serves the municipal, agricultural and industrial sectors.
Amit Tal has over 16years of experience in planning, consultation and environmental project management in Israel and worldwide, including projects of the World Bank and the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB).
He is an expert in environmental assessment and environmental due –diligence of projects and technologies. Amit is also the founder and chairman of the Water Environment Forum of the Israel Water Association (IWA) where he serves as an acting board member.

Avi Halevi
Information Systems and Production Management
Avi Halevi is a graduate of the renown Technion - Israel Institute of Technology, with a B.Sc. (Cum Laude) in Industrial Engineering & Management. He worked for 7 years in PCB Ltd as a manager of the Production Management and Information Systems Department. In the framework of his activities he dealt with many wide-ranging areas related to production management and information systems. He was a full partner in the factory’s growth process and in the setup of one of its subsidiary companies.
Subsequently he worked in capacity of Information Technologies Manager for Spandex Israel where he was a member of the start-up team, with overall responsibilities of setting up the integrated computing and communication platform for the company. Additionally, Avi worked 6 years at Amdocs Ltd, a software firm currently leading the international Telecommunication industry. He functioned in the realm of Implementation Project Manager for huge Tier1 Wireline Teleco OMS (Order Management System) projects.

Michail Kalman
Health Care Consultant
Michail Kalman, Director of the Healthcare Services Group, provides and directs consulting services to physicians, hospitals, medical groups, MSO’s, IPA’s, pharmaceutical companies, managed care organizations and other entities. For more than twenty years he has been a leader and innovator in the field of healthcare management and consulting. He has worked with medical practitioners and institutions to increase efficiency, maximize profitability, strategize growth opportunities and manage operational change. The Group under his direction provides custom designed consulting services.
Mr. Kalman is a frequent speaker on issues related to physician/hospital relations, physician organizational development, healthcare leadership challenges in a changing environment, and other topics. He is also the Publisher and Editor in Chief of BRIDGES ©, a newsletter of commentaries and opinions on healthcare issues and trends.

Professor Avi Domb
Chemistry & Pharmaceuticals – Project Development
Abraham J. Domb was born in 1953. He received a PhD in polymer chemistry and B. Pharm in 1984 from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel. He spent one year as postdoctoral fellow at Syntex Research in CA, and two years at MIT/Harvard (with R. Langer and J. Folkman) as research associate. From 1988 to 1992 he founded and headed the Drug Delivery and Polymer division at Nova Pharmaceuticals in Baltimore. Since 1992 he is Professor for Medicinal Chemistry and Natural Products at the School of Pharmacy, The Hebrew University. His research interests are in biopolymers, gene therapy, controlled drug delivery, cancer therapy, biodegradable plastics, hydrogels, coating of medical devices, nanoparticulate systems and polymeric complexes. An approximate 150 patents have been filed in his name, many of which have been incorporated in large-scale commercial applications.

Yerachmiel Munitz
Investor Relations and Business Development
Yerachmiel Munitz received a combination MA/BA in Education and Institutional Management at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Thereafter he studied at Rau University of South Africa towards a Doctorate in Educational Management that focused on structuring educational systems in developing societies. Subsequently he held joint positions in teaching and administration for several well known educational facilities both in Israel and abroad. Amongst his placements are extended stays in England, South Africa, USA, & Ethiopia where he developed an extensive network of personal and professional contacts through his efforts in establishing institutional facilities. His involvement with IBDC brings a unique perspective on value based project development as well as investor and public relations.

Edmund Zack
Consultant – Asset Management & Investment Banking
Edmund Zack brings years of experience in asset management and investment banking. Currently he is a registered Broker at JH Darbie and Company - a Wall Street Investment Banking firm. Over the past 15 years Ed has participated in placing many corporate finance transactions, managing investor relations, and identifying unique financing opportunities for both privately and publicly traded companies.

Mordechai Rotenberg
Outside Consultant - Industrial Design and Design Management
Mordechai has pioneered in bringing the methodology of design management to Israel - a conceptual model critical for analyzing the development of "winning products". He has lectured extensively in exclusive institutions such as Tel Aviv University and the Technion Institute of Technology in Haifa, while winning numerous international awards for best product design. The emphasis of his work over the past 25 years has been to integrate industrial design and design management into the R&D process to achieve high after sale recurring profits. His involvement in projects extends through the entire product lifecycle, which includes the initial screening of ideas, engineering the product, overseeing the manufacturing of prototypes and serial production lines, and launching the product on the world market.

Chaim Scheff
ROI Patent Architect - Outside Consultant
Chaim Scheff brings vast technology evaluation experience. As an in-house Patent Attorney, he has directed Intellectual Property Rights development groups for Tradeum Technologies (e-commerce), InSyst Intelligent Systems (semiconductor fabrication), and MagInk Display Technologies (liquid crystal displays). Prior to becoming a Patent Attorney, he was Director of the Mapping Section at the Israel Prime Minister's Office (Population Census Department); Senior Researcher at the Economic Research Corporation (NCRD 92-13); Digital Mapping Consultant at Litton Industries (Aero Services Division); Methods Analyst (Interdepartmental Projects) at Brooklyn Union Gas Co.; Systems Analyst (Facilities Mapping Systems - GIS) at Washington Gas Light Co.; and Industrial Designer at the Kobo Group. He has diplomas from the Weizmann Institute of Science in Applied Mathematics and Computer Sciences, and from Northwestern University in Science Engineering and Technology (Industrial Engineering & Physics); and has certificates from Middlebury College (Japanese), Gallaudet University (ASL), Harvard University (Computer Graphics and Spatial Analysis), etc. He is presently a licensed Interdisciplinary Engineer, an Adjunct Professor of Intellectual Capital (Hochstein School of Industrial Management), a Patent Portfolio Strategist (Hon Atik Ltd), an IPR Consultant (Business Ethics Center of Jerusalem), and a diligent member of GARP and of PRMIA (International Risk Management Associations). Furthermore, Chaim Scheff has ongoing professional activity in alternative energy, consumer products, regional infrastructure, and pharmacology projects; and recreationally writes reviews for the ACM, too.

Shmuel Wasserberger
Project Manager
Shmuel Wasserberger has 25 years experience in the Software and High Tech business arena, and holds a BA in computers and mathematics from Bar Ilan University in Tel Aviv. Shmuel worked for 7 years as a senior developer in Tadiran, as a CAD/CAM developer. He designed and developed a software package based on a powerful algorithm that improves the manufacturing process from design step through delivery by increasing the automation level. The package was sold to many worldwide clients. From 1993 Shmuel worked for New Dimension Software as a senior developer, release manager, and software development director. In the last 7 years he worked for EMC² as a project manager of a software development group. The software was sold to about 100 Fortune 500 customers.

Dov Schwell
Outside Council
During his five plus years as a partner in the New York office of McDermott, Will & Emery, and an additional eight years practicing law at other New York law firms, Dov developed broad corporate, transactional and securities experience, including public and private offerings of equity and debt securities, mergers and acquisitions (public and private), private equity, joint ventures, workouts and general commercial and corporate representation. He has served as outside counsel to public and private clients on a wide range of matters.


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