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The financial markets, along with respective Security and Exchange Commissions, are in continual flux. Recent legislation, such as SEC Rule 415, has direct bearing on a company’s ability to raise funds under specific terms and conditions. At IBDC Israel we maintain close ties with global financial and legal institutions that keep us abreast of up-to-date information of material value. With consideration given to legal and logistical guidelines, we explore the cash requirements of a company in conjunction with its business model. We proceed to build a financial structure that fits both short and long-term capital needs.

Additionally, IBDC Israel functions as a trusted intermediary by effectively bridging the gap between commercial entities seeking funding, and the body of global investors seeking potential opportunities of worth. Our model is geared towards assisting the parties on both sides of the table. On one end, we promote the micro/small cap company by effectively raising its profile that is often overlooked by institutional investors and industry analysts. On the other, we earn the respect of high net-worth individuals, and institutional investors who value our screening process and initial assessment of the key criteria they look for in a winning investment.


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