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Paradigm Shift in Flexible Display Technology
A leader in flexible display technology has perfected a flexible display screen that enables the creation of innovative products across a wide range of markets such as smart cards, portable electronics, home appliances, health care, handheld devices, sports equipment, signage, and more.  The proprietary technology offers a host of benefits, including true flexibility to capture limitless design opportunities.  Its thin and flexible displays offer exceptional reflective readability – even in direct sunlight, low power consumption, and interactive capabilities, boasting the first in the display industry to leverage a roll-to-roll manufacturing process, which enables the cost-effective, high-volume production of customized displays.  The company is looking to raise capital to support a further extension of its ongoing sales and manufacturing activities.

Redesigning the Cellular Phone Market

A modular platform will enable your cellular phone to connect with numerous electronic devices through a patented interface to achieve a level of functionality never before realized in the cellular arena.  As the world’s tiniest modular and sleek mobile phone makes its debut, its arrival will enable users to personalize their mobile experience in a simple and affordable way. Users can customize the look and features of their phone by inserting it into other devices in its ecosystem expanding its functionality to an endless range of applications.


Extending the Limits of Instant Messaging
Surprisingly, most mobile operators today still cannot support instant messaging, or other web based services, across the full spectrum of cellular phones operating within their networks.  Whether low-end or high-end phone, each contains its own unique hardware and software configuration that often fails to fully interface with the mobile operator"s communication platform.  In response to such limitations, a pioneering company has taken an approach that now boasts an exploding base of over 2 million unique users, while poised to take the industry by storm as it pairs-up with the worlds most prominent players in the cellular space. Hailed as a breakthrough solution, its complex widget lets carriers offer their subscribers quick and affordable access to the world's most popular instant messaging (IM) services like ICQ and MSN, offering any phone easy access to all existing email accounts, including corporate Exchange servers.

Eco Friendly Tire Recycling Technology
A breakthrough technology has been developed for separating and processing used tires into its raw commodity components of steel and high-grade crumb rubber.  The reclaimed steal can be sold for between $200 - $250 per ton, while the reclaimed rubber mesh will fetch a resale price of between $400 - $1,000 per ton.  High-grade rubber mesh is used as a raw material in recreational pavements, silent highways, and other applications which include paints, adhesives, carpet underlay, plastics, shingles, and numerous other products.  To date, there is no competing technology capable of manufacturing such a fine mesh at comparable quantities that is both ecologically friendly and cost efficient.

Canine Communication & Security System
A unique, patent-protected security system allows you to understand your watchdog, and realize whether an attempt at breaking and entering into your property or secured site is being made - before it actually occurs. The system is based on smart sensors, capable of distinguishing the dog's alarm barks from its ordinary ones.  The product has been approved by the Israeli prison authorities and is employed by high-level security facilities that include prisons, Israeli air force bases, and utilities.  The company is currently raising capital in order to expand sales and marketing activities internationally.



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