Maintaining the sophisticated level of global knowledge required to manage the modern business, whether growing a startup, or steering a going concern, remains no small challenge. Shifting global trends as a factor of market demand, technological advancement, and economic stability, will dynamically influence the decision making process and ultimately the bottom line. IBDC Israel, as an affiliate of IBDC London, is part of a global network geared toward assisting businesses as they encounter competitive and challenging environments.

At IBDC Israel we stay abreast of changing tides. Our team is comprised of seasoned specialists of high academic standing that boast extensive experience in various fields that include management, operations, corporate finance, and marketing. We sustain a competitive edge based on utilizing our team's collective skill-set in navigating both the domestic and global commercial markets. The nature of our operation enables us to do so. We have chosen a broad focus on the macro environment while assuring competency in specific technological fields including high-tech, bio-tech, and clean/green-tech. With such an outlook, we strive to identify strategic cross-industry opportunities within context of a comprehensive and viable execution plan.



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